Miracle House

Once upon a time there was a small house in a forest. The base of the house was made of love, the walls were built with smiles and the roof was fixed with care.

Every day this fairy tale turns into a reality for the children.

Headmistress of the kindergarten Gohar Avetisyan distinguishes the following main tasks to be carried out by the staff: first and foremost, children have to be loved, then, they have to be accepted the way they are, moreover another task of the staff is to admit children’s right of making mistakes and gently try to correct it. Besides, there is always a healthy atmosphere in the kindergarten and all the other nessesary conditions for child’s care and upbringing.


In “Miracle House” the special methods and approaches of child’s upbringing and education are commandments for the pedagogues and just games for the children. For working and communicating with children one has to be quite well prepared, to know several languages, to read nearly all the fairy tales of the world and to be a good judge of music and art. Here child’s upbringing is carried out by several ways. Subjects like mother tongue, English, Russian language, painting, music and physical education are taught with interesting pedagogical methods. Besides, the staff organizes different developing trainings and games to improve children’s logics, memory and way of thinking which also help to distinguish personality type of each of the children.

In this corner of the park after Komitas lively noises of children stop only for a short time, when they are sleeping and when they are taken home by their parents.

So, once upon a time there was a small house, the base of which was made of love. The house had also strong columns and they were children’s careless and happy childhood.